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Promotig Social Change: Solutions


The Q Drum is a “Solution” that was come up by P. J. and J. P. S. Hendrikse to  help villagers who do not have easy access to a water source. Its ame is easy to understand since it looks like an O but with the lace around it acquires a Q form. This solution is a cylindrical container with a big enough capacity to satisfy the villagers demand of potable water. It is an interesting, creative and above all simple invention that works which makes it a great solution. The problem to solve was the difficulty people living in rural areas not so close to drinkable water had in providing themselves with the latter. Moreover, the hard part in fulfilling such task was that carrying the containers they used to use were usually heavy and uncomfortable to carry for long miles. Thanks to the Q Drum, doing so becomes easier and funnier. It is used in African countries where such problems are persistent. Its form allows to make it roll from one place to the other . The fun aspect of this drum is that it remembers a tire which is one of the favorite “natural” toy for children in those countries. Continue reading


Toms (by Shakira Mongul)

Toms shoes is the sustainable, socially conscious shoes company based in Southern California. The Toms mission is to provide shoes for children in need. The deal is for every pair sold, a child in need receives a free pair of shoes. Toms calls it the “one-for-one” deal.
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