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Film for Action: Love for Social Change

The film I chose is titled Love Has No Label and it is a very short (3:20) POWERFUL video campaign to fight discrimination and prejudism by promoting love as an indicator of one another’s acceptance of differences.


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March 5, 2015 at 12:30: Guest Speaker -Imam Childs


On Thursday March 5th from 12:30 to 1:30 in Room B106, AUR’s Film & Digital Media Program is having its second Lunch and Learn Workshop of the semester, taught by Iman Childs.
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fancy toilets

WASSUP; The Water, Amenities, and Sanitation Services Upgrade Project is all about revamping the slums of  Africa, focusing mainly on a community called Diepsloot. Bringing the unity to community the W ASSUP initiative focuses on environmental upgrades, public health, and safety measures. After several visits and interactions with the locals based in this settlement Global Studio (a think tank of like minded individuals) discovered a major problems that hindered positive growth. Which founded two major aspects of their project; providing the area with new and working toilet systems and sewer network, and instillation to warm the freezing homes of the people living in Diepsloot. With the community they created a new, simple, and low cost solution of creating a bucket drain system that allowed for excess water to be used for agriculture growth rather than leaking and causing an unhealthy environment. Reeling in support from all over the world, individuals from the University of Sydney, Columbia University, University of Rome, and over 500 participates from 66 different universities collaborate in generating ideas for more equitable cities.  Through their work, I see the positive social change taking place. As a member of community service abroad programs, the impact begins the moment positive individuals step into the community. The change begins almost immediately. After watching the video posted, I recognize the smiles, and the positive changing spirit that washes over the community and its artsy toiletspeople, just from these interactions. Even now is 2015 WAASIP continues to repair and maintain over 122 toilet systems in Diepsloot, eliminating the gray waste one step at a time! As an added bonus WASSUP has now partnered with the Diepsloot Arts & Culture Network, presenting “edutainment,” which involves street performance, and artistic decoration of toilets with the resident children. Personally I would participate in this program, creating better living environments through very simple methods that allow for a brighter and better life for others.

*all images stolen from http://www.stickysituations.org/wassup-diepsloot/ *

The Hungry Tide (Haley Hughes)


This documentary is about the Central Pacific nation of Karibati, which is expected to be one of the first countries to disappear due to climate change. The issue is the sea levels are dangerously rising and will eventually, sweep out the entire country. A technique the documentary uses is focusing on one individual by the name of Maria Tiimon. She is an advocate for the rights of pacific islanders and plays a predominate role in helping her people. There are about 105,000 residents in the area who’s homes and lives are at risk because of the climate. The documentary stresses the idea that these people can not afford to go anywhere else, and are not sure of their fate.

Although the documentary does not explain how it is funded, I feel that it does a successful job getting the point across because it frequently shows children, without clothing, in the water. They also show how the majority of the island is under water, which makes it impossible for one to survive for long.

Anonymous (Annie Katich)

ImageNormally words like “Cyber Terrorism” or “Cyber Attacks” are associated with highly organized groups or even foreign governments working to sabotage or hack into important corporate or government databases. While this has been the traditional stereotype of internet hackers, a new type of cyber “criminal” has emerged. Hactivists are individuals or groups that use cyber hacking as a mode of social activism. Perhaps the most famous “hactivist” organization is Anonymous, a loosely associated group of people who work together to oppose internet censorship and freedom of information.

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M I L K: Mardi

“Burst down those closet doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight.”

“My name is Harvey Milk and I’m here to recruit you!”  From the inspiring words of Harvey Milk, who changed peoples lives, changed a significant part of history. Today, he is known as the first openly gay rights activist to be voted into a public office in America.  The 2008 film, “Milk”, documents the hero’s powerful life.  The opening line is used through the film within the beginning of Harvey’s speeches to interrupt the tension of different audience beliefs.  Harvey Milk had the desire to engage individuals into the political affairs of social equality.  Every human being should have the right to be free, to be equal.  The film was directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Dustine Lance Black; filmed on Castro Street and other locations in San Francisco, California.
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