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A solution that really stood out to me was the Q-drum. The Q-drum is a round container that is used to easily transport clean water. It is mainly used in Africa, where it is difficult to find clean water sources. To use it, one simply fills up the container and then rolls/pulls it by using the attached rope. This is a great device to use because water is extremely heavy and carrying it long distances is extremely difficult.

I really like this device because of its simplicity, yet effectiveness. Water is such an import resource but millions of people do not have access to it. It is a source that many people take for granted and don’t realize how many times they make use of it on a daily basis. The Q-drum is a good way to promote social change by giving people the necessities of survival.


Nelson Mandela’s Clothing Line

Former South African President Nelson Mandela started a new clothing line last month to supplement the funding for his charity foundation and to give a boost to South Africa’s ailing clothing industry. The title of the clothing line will be 46664 Apparel, a nod to Mandela’s prisoner number from when he spent 27 years in jail from 1964 until 1990. He then became the country’s first black president four years later.

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