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West Bank Street Art

This online photo gallery is a showcase of street art in the West Bank that advocates peace and understanding. The solution to the Israel/Palestine problem has evaded both sides for decades, but street art is a good way for

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Homelessness: I Want Change

This piece of socially responsible street art was created by an Australian artist named Meek. He stenciled this powerful image on a wall and while technically illegal, it has an important message. Giving a homeless person some spare change can help them in the short term by providing some food, or even cause harm if the person buys drugs with the money. The artist’s point is that fundamental political and social change is necessary to solve this problem. During the recession, homelessness is only getting worse with the lack of jobs and high foreclosure rate. Without concerted efforts by governments and private organizations, millions of people around the world will continue to live day to day without adequate housing.

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