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Film for Action: Love for Social Change

The film I chose is titled Love Has No Label and it is a very short (3:20) POWERFUL video campaign to fight discrimination and prejudism by promoting love as an indicator of one another’s acceptance of differences.


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Aiding Tanzania’s most vulnerable by investing in their advocate.


Photo credit: UNICEF

Argue with your husband, burn his food, neglect his children, say “no” to sex, or leave the house without his permission: 50 percent of Tanzania’s adolescent and young adult male population (13-24 years) believe that it is appropriate for a man to beat his wife under these circumstances. Even worse, of the female population in the same age range – the victims themselves – it’s 60 percent who believe this. Continue reading

HEALTHY HAPPY AND WOMAN (crowdfunding for women in Kenya)




Let’s Crowdfund PoP

By: Kasey Wilcox


Of the many important philanthropic causes I find an interest in, I value childhood education as one of the most important. Not because fighting cancer or childhood obesity is any less a priority, but because I know that I would be not be the same without it. An alarming number of 250 million children around the world of primary age lack basic reading, writing, and math skills (Pencils of Promise, 2008). Thus, I have developed a deep connection and care for Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization that sends children to school with trained teachers with $250 scholarships.

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I came to Italy for the food…



Just Kidding!…well, kinda.

My name is Max Lippitt, I am a Junior at Michigan State University, and I live about an hour south of the school in a town called Bloomfield Hills.  I used to be a Finance major, but then this summer I led a two month long hiking trip  out west for a group 10th graders, and had a realization that I hated finance and instead wanted to do something with the environment. So as soon as I got home, I changed my major from Finance to Economics and Environmental Sustainability. My goal is to help business become more profitable while becoming more environmentally friendly.

I am OBSESSED with movies, in another life I will go to film school. I play tennis and racquetball, and frequent the local concert scene around Detroit. I also have been cooking my whole life and I was lucky enough to work as a chef at a local restaurant last year.  The food here is so good, I love it.

Ever since I knew what Studying Abroad was, I wanted to do it.  My parents have been coming to Italy my entire life on vacations (while leaving my brother and I at home), so I was pretty familiar with the country and decided Rome was the place to be.  The two weeks I have been here and been two of the most fun, eventful, exciting, weeks of my entire life, and I cannot wait to see what the next 12(?) bring me…

That British girl.

My name is Olivia Martin, I am a 20 year old junior resident student here at AUR. My presence here in Rome is the result of many unusual and unexpected circumstances coming together, but I have not looked back for a second. My older brother enrolled at AUR in 2012 and would not rest until he succeeded in commandeering me from my previously held life plans. He knew that Rome would provide the experience and education that I was frantically searching for back home in England.

Here at AUR I am characterised by two main traits. Firstly, I am one of only three English students, with an accent that seems to provide endless comedy to many of my peers. Secondly, I am known for being covered in paint on a regular basis due to my decision to study Fine Arts as my major. Painting has been a passion of mine from a very young age, but I was hesitant to pursue this through my studies. I originally enrolled at Southampton University to study Psychology, within three weeks it dawned on me that I had made a huge mistake. Upon returning home for Christmas in my first year, I was told that unfortunately my Grandfather had past away. For reasons I cannot explain, this was the push I needed to finally explain to my parents that I wanted to drop out of Southampton. I am so thankful that I made this monumental decision.

I feel secure in my decision to follow my instincts and my scepticism surrounding art as an occupation and my lack of confidence in my own artistic ability has gradually fallen away. I have come to realise that I have so much more to gain from studying something I love, and AUR has opened my eyes to the many opportunities available to me in this field. Like I say to everyone when they ask me what I study, where better to study art than in Rome?


Week 2: Homework -Due Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015.

Beginner’s Guide to Community Based Arts pp.29-57

Applied Aesthetics Handout

Art Spiegelman’s Maus: A Different Type of Holocaust Literature

Flow. The Secret of Happiness  (18 minutes)

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My mom wanted to name me Justine. Instead, I am just Jess.

I don't always take selfies.

I’m Jessica and unapologetically myself. I’m in love with the broken world we live in and I hope that my life will have a positive impact before I’m done here. I study music, peace studies, and studio art at the University of Notre Dame. I am incredibly grateful for the infinite love and support from my family as I pursue my dreams and passions. Continue reading

The High Price of Materialism ( Veronica Crociani )


The High Price of Materialism is a short five minute stop-motion animation film that highlights the social disadvantages of a modern materialistic world. In this short animation, psychologist Tim Kasser talks about how American culture of cusumerism, (and this can appeal to many cultures living in a developed country), weakens the social well being of an individual.  The animation argues both the pros and the cons of living in a materialistic society.  Continue reading


In 2004, a documentary “Super Size Me” was released and changed the food world for the better. The star, Morgan Spurlock, suffers this thirty-day challenge of constant McDonald’s consumption. He must eat everything McDonald’s for thirty straight days for breakfast, … Continue reading