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Weeks 9 & 10: Web Talks, Do-Gooder Groups, and a Feature Documentary

Examples of People Donating Skills for Free:
Teach for America
Download to Donate
Doctors Without Borders
Angles With Fur Japan

Documentary Feature

Born Into Brothels (2004) Full Film:

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Week 5: Homework

Beginners Guide to Community-Based Arts: pp. 101-150

Review: All previous readings to date for Midterm. You will receive a study guide next week for the Midterm on Tues, March 10, 2015. Continue reading

Homework Week 1: How to Start Blogging

Students in this course will be required to make weekly/bi-weekly blog posts on a range of topics.

image from blogopreneur.com

Week 1’s blog topic is to write a small biography about yourself and add a photo or drawing. These will be due online (on this blog) by 10:35AM, Tuesday, February 3, 2015.

Please get free access to the following online course by clicking here and then the “take this course” button in the upper right corner. Once you are in the course, please view lectures 77, 78, and 79 before making your first blog post.

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Permaculture: A Journey to Freedom (By: Marisa Beirne)


“Permaculture: A Journey to Freedom” is a short film that discussed the philosophy of a different culture. This film talks about the creator of Permaculture, Bill Mollison, and the reasons he is known as the father of this culture. The film mostly discusses the key points of this culture. This way of living is all about combining people with nature. The communities the people live in are self-sustained horticultural systems. Permaculture is also about design. It asks the question, “Where can this be placed to benefit the earth and the humans as much as possible?” The society places emphasis on finding out how things work together and how this affects how everything works. One of the main quotes of Permaculture is “the problem is the solution.” They hold retreats to teach people about this culture that includes interactive activities, hands on projects to learn through the body, and lectures as well. The film was short, but I was able to gain a new insight on this movement and understand a culture I had never even heard of before.

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First Introductions


Hi! My name is Sami Lucci, and I am currently a semester study abroad student at the American University of Rome, though I am officially enrolled at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla. I am a junior double-majoring in journalism and international studies, with a minor in history.

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Merhaba! (Ayse Ozbay)

IMG_0571 anne iphone (3)

Hi! My name is Ayse Ozbay. I am a Film and Digital Media major with a Marketing minor at the American University of Rome. I was born and raised in Adana, a big city in the southern part of Turkey. Adana, a diverse city that can be modern and conservative at the same time, gave me my first glimpse at other cultures. In my American school, I got to meet people with different backgrounds – Spanish, Armenian, Syrian – at an early age. Growing up in a multicultural environment installed in me an appetite for other cultures. This, with my curious personality, made me eager to travel around the world and to try new things.

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Caely Rose

Hey everybody!  It’s me, Caely Rose Hibbits.  I was born in Connecticut, but moved to a tiny town, Cedar Key, FL, when I was two. Cedar Key has about 700 full time residents-who consist of artists, commercial fisherman, clam farmers, and oyster men.  It was a very interesting place to grow up in.  I learned that everyone has something to teach you.

When I graduated from high school I wanted to do something different- so I headed to Rome and now I’m a senior at the American University of Rome.  In four months I will have my degree in Communication with a minor in Film and Digital Media.  While I didn’t think I would be ready–I really am. Continue reading

Autism Speaks: Lily Huber

Usually when I think about PSAs and the most memorable ones I have seen before, I first think of anti-drug ads, global warming, and political campaigns. But I wanted to share something different, and not often talked about. Autism Speaks is an amazing organization and it wasn’t until members and various speakers from the Autism Speaks visited my high school that I even understood what autism was.

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Logan Ruppel bio

Ciao! My name is Logan Ruppel and I am a Junior at the American University in Washington, DC… no relation to AU Rome. I am from Ridgewood, New Jersey but prefer hanging out in NYC rather than the suburbs. Downtown is where its at.

I am studying political science with a minor in international relations. I hope to work in public policy with a federal agency or a Congressman, or something. I am interesting in education, health care, clean energy, affordable housing, and pretty much anything that helps improve the lives of everyday people.

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Welcome to (COM408) Media, Art, and Social Activism at AUR

We are a 400 level course in the Communication and English Program at The American University of Rome in Rome, Italy. Bloggers are Professor Kristen Palana and the students. Stay tuned for more and watch this space.